Where to Photograph Yellow Warblers? At Rondeau Park


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Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada - Hosting one of Canada's largest Carolinian forests, Rondeau is the second oldest Provincial Park, formed in 1894 just one year after the creation of the Algonquin P.P.. The park is also home to a variety of rare and endangered species of plants and animals and an important stopover for birds during spring and fall migration.

Yellow Warbler in Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario

If you are looking to photograph Yellow Warblers, early May is the best time of the year. Take one of the many woodland trails of the park and you'll be guaranteed to spot one of these lively and colourful birds – "A bit of feathered sunshine. In his plumes dwells the gold of the sun. In his voice, his brightness and good cheer." – Frank Chapman 1907.

The photograph on the left highlights a male Yellow Warbler, stopping for a brief second to investigate this strange photographer that follows his every move from tree to tree.

Cool fact: The Yellow Warbler nest is a regular host to the cowbird parasitism. As soon as the female discovers the cowbird egg, she will build a new nest layer on top of the eggs, including hers. The Birds of Canada Field Guide mentions that as many as six layers have been found in a single nest, each layer containing entombed cowbird eggs.

What Else Can You Photograph At Rondeau Provincial Park?
Do you know of a good photo location for Yellow Warblers?

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