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Where To Photograph Birds? At Point Pelee!

POINT PELEE, Ontario, Canada – The best location in Ontario to photograph, film and enjoy a variety of wildlife and birds. I have never returned disappointed from Point Pelee. While you can visit all-year round, my preferred time of the year is during spring, to witness the amazing songbird spring migration. See below the photograph [...]

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The Ring-Necked Pheasant Female

Glamour and Glitz with the Star of the Day
Photographed and filmed during spring time in the most important bird migration spot in Canada – the Point Pelee National Park. The Ring-Necked Pheasant is a common encounter on the park grounds and the surrounding farmlands.
Although it was a day scheduled for birdsong photography, strong and cold [...]

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Spring Migration in Point Pelee

Just a quick spring migration update from Point Pelee. This was an unscheduled trip for me as I usually target the month of May and dedicate 4-5 days for such an important event.
The reason behind my early trip was the above-the-normal warm weather, which in turn may trigger an early development in trees and plants. [...]

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The Female Yellow Warbler

I have just returned from a 1-week photo assignment in Point Pelee, Ontario. The assignment? Photographing the songbird migration. Overall a great experience. I’ve counted over 35 species of birds during my stay, including some which are considered rare, and it seems I was on the low side, as my whole strategy was to stay [...]

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The Male Baltimore Oriole

All photographs shot on location at Point Pelee during spring migration.
What do Baltimore Orioles, the Sun, and oranges have in common? The answer to this question is as follows:
Predominantly Orange
Considering the vibrant colours of today’s subject matter, I thought it is most appropriate to start our story with photographs of the early morning sun.

Early Morning Sun, [...]

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