Running out of subject matter to photograph?

Well, there is your car. Whenever I am on the lookout for an interesting subject to photograph I also keep in mind that my car is always with me. She (yes, she even has a name) is the one taking me places. She is also making my photography possible. She’s comfortable, spacious, and elegant. These are my creative directions when using her persona as the main subject matter. One may simply make an image out of her elegant curves, or may simply expose intricate details of her inner workings. I instead, am focusing on picturing her in context.  Getting inspired by her being on location as an integral part of the surroundings.

At this particular time I was waiting for the sun to rise. I was preparing to shoot in the opposite direction when I’ve noticed the gentle light bathing everything around me, the field of rocks, my car and the trees in the background.

The sun has not yet risen, but it will soon make its appearance from behind the camera. And, as you can see, the moon was still highly visible above the trees.

The interesting play of light, the layered composition and the overall creative mood made me turn around and trigger the shutter. To me it looks like a Chrysler commercial. I love my car.

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