Roosting Short-Eared Owls

The short-eared owl, is the most diurnal of all the northeastern owls. This also means that birders and photographers have a better opportunity to spot, observe and photograph them. During the winter months, the probability to see the owls increases as they roost in trees, sometimes communally in large numbers.

Today’s frame shows two short-eared owls, in a black and white rendition, roosting during the dusk hours of the day. Note the balanced composition with the owls positioned at lower right and upper left. I remember waiting quite a bit for both owls to look directly into the camera, at the same time. Gesturing a few times made no strong impression either. This is as close as it got.

The short-eared owl in Canada is designated as species of special concern.
Thirteen states in US are listing the short-eared owls as endangered.

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