Rendez-vous with the Sandhill Cranes in Ontario

My previous encounter with this pair was last year in April – see the initial story and photographs in Sandhill Cranes. Sandhill Cranes Pair In South Eastern Ontario Birds are creatures of habit. And these Sandhill Cranes are no exception to the rule:

  • Date habit – last year's photographs were made on April 9th. This year's video footage was recorded on April 11th
  • Time habit – in both instances, the rendez-vous happened late afternoon
  • Location habit – Two years in a row they used the same staging area during their migratory path - The video was made 1/2 kilometer distance from last year's location

Most certainly, we are observing the same pair of Sandhill cranes I kept my fingers crossed on the camera in the hope that I will witness their courtship ritual – The Crane Dance. But, their well-known wariness proved true once more. As soon as I got in position to film, the pair started to move away from the disturbance. In a very windy environment, the video depicts just that.

Video Footage of Sandhill Cranes in South Eastern Ontario The following days I returned, eager to observe them again. Sandhill cranes regularly feed on waste grain in farm fields so each day I scanned all wetland and surrounding farm areas. I searched high and low, far and wide, but to no avail. They were either feeding in areas outside of my reach or they had already left the area and continued their migration north. South Eastern Ontario is a vital springtime staging area. It provides the necessary food and habitat to refuel and rest during their arduous journey to remote arctic regions of northern Canada and Alaska. As I got home I marked my calendar in preparation for next year's rendez-vous. Same time, same location. I truly hope we meet again. Technical Notes: Filmed in HDV format with a Canon XH-A1, mostly at 20x zoom (equivalent to 650mm on a 35mm camera)

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