The Great Blue Heron Bonanza HP

These images celebrate the Great Blue Heron – the largest heron in North America. Recorded during the spring migration in the canals near the Point Pelee National Park. Although shy and suspicious at all times, this particular individual allowed me to photograph and film for a full hour. See close-up photographs showing the heron with small fish and struggling with weeds. See the video that shows the heron striking fish after fish, missing a few, and his greatest capture of the day. The Great Blue Heron Bonanza
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Northern Lights Offroad EventNorthern Lights OF4WD – Claim Your Photo This is a call to the Northern Lights OF4WD group to get in touch with us. If you got a business card from Mike on August 17th Sunday, you have at least one photograph coming your way. Plus, we will process more than 3 hours of high definition video footage and share those amazing moments with everybody. Simply send us an email to the address on the card.
The Eastern Bluebird Chick FeedingThis update to the initial Eastern Bluebird story brings new photographs and two videos in slow motion. Read the story.
The Ring-Necked Pheasant FemaleWhat happens when your plans of photographing the songbird spring migration in Point Pelee fall apart? Read the story to find out the answer
Feedback from our readers! Megan, a biologist specializing in bluebirds provides a detailed answer to our Bluebird question: Was the Bluebird female carrying a single or multiple fecal sacs when cleaning the nest? Read the Eastern Bluebird story and Megan's response.
The "Eastern Bluebird With Insect" photograph to appear on an interpretive panel along a native Prairie Walk in Afton State Park, licensed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. "The bluebird story and images on your website are really great! Our prairie was restored from the site of a former farm homestead, Bluebird Hill, so you can see why we need the bluebird photo." Mary O.
Two photographs from the Eastern Bluebird story were featured on the cover and inside of the Neighbors magazine published by Russell Publications. More details here.

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