Chasing Away The Rapacious Vultures

You probably already spotted the common “Red-Winged Blackbird” in one of your walks through the parks. These small birds are very territorial and may become aggressive towards people, animals and other birds, especially if they are nesting and consider the intruder a threat to their chicks. During a recent outing for photographing turkey vultures I happened to capture the attached snapshot.

Lots of times I have witnessed birds of prey, mostly hawks, being mobbed by flocks of smaller birds. Their only objective is to scare the raptor away from their territory.
This time however, the red-winged blackbird acted alone. The mobbing took place for minutes, very fast and furious, at least until both disappeared in the nearby forest. For sure, the blackbird will back off once the turkey vulture will leave its territory. Some other times however, the hunter may become the hunted…

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