Garbage Browser

A sequence of full-frame photographs showing a young raccoon browsing through a garbage can. Scroll down and click each photo to enlarge.

Hey buddy, whatcha doin' in there?

Nothin'… just browsing. What's up?
Ahem, you have a bit of milk on your nose… anyway…, I was hoping to get your photograph

I don't think so. I'm having lunch.
Just a [...]

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Red Fox Dental Check-up

KILLARNEY PROVINCIAL PARK – Superb location to spot wildlife, from black bears to moose to foxes. With a bit of luck you will encounter the friendly red fox that seems to have taken up residence close to the main entrance in the park. Arrive at the gate at sunset and you have a good chance [...]

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Algonquin’s Highway Of Death

A road’s impact on wildlife in Ontario
I remember reading a research paper on a female moose (cow) traveling a fairly long distance between Adirondacks in US to Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada. Usually the male moose (bull) travels large distances, but in this case the female decided on the long and perilous trip, which included [...]

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The Good Life of Our Red Squirrel

This is probably another good fit in a series of photographs to be called: “The bountiful life in an Oakvillian backyard” It’s just a red squirrel eating sunflower seeds. And collecting empty shells on its tail.

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Chipmunk Portrait

Some photographers shoot bears, cougars, lions and elephants. I stick with smaller subjects. This little guy was either curios or hungry, altough it was past its bedtime.

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Rabbit. Cute.

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Environmental Portrait: Resting

Jasper, 2003. I spotted him from my car in a meadow. I followed him in the forest from a distance so he was very comfortable with me. At some point he got tired and he simply sat down to rest. Amazing isn’t it?If you look closely on the left of its antlers you’ll see grass, he [...]

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Close-up: Beaver gathering food

Recently I had the opportunity to observe a family of beavers. I’ve spotted the conical structure of their lodge last winter, but weren’t able to actually see any of them at that time.This spring however, I became a familiar intruder in their remote area, which enabled me to watch attentively their feeding behaviour.And recently, take [...]

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Enjoy Life At The Top Of The Food Chain

I would like to stop for a few moments and reflect on the primordial sentiments that other species, not at the top of the food chain, experience.
At a time when I was perusing the forest, I had this sudden encounter with the deer. We both froze and for a moment we fearfully looked into each [...]

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