Where to Photograph?

Where to Photograph Sandhill Cranes? On Manitoulin Island!

MANITOULIN ISLAND, Ontario, Canada – An important migratory staging ground for birds. My preferred time to visit is during fall migration, anytime between mid-September to beginning of October, when you can easily observe hundreds of Sandhill Cranes. The cranes stop to feed and rest during the crossing of the Great Lakes, so they are relatively [...]

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Where to Photograph Lighthouses? At Killarney, Ontario!

Killarney East, Ontario, Canada – A beautiful and accessible lighthouse to photograph all year-round. Located just outside of the village of Killarney, the lighthouse sits on a weathered red granite formation, part of the Canadian Shield plateau (Precambrian period), and probably 1.5 billion years old. Killarney East was built in 1866, has a square tower [...]

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Where To Photograph Birds? At Point Pelee!

POINT PELEE, Ontario, Canada – The best location in Ontario to photograph, film and enjoy a variety of wildlife and birds. I have never returned disappointed from Point Pelee. While you can visit all-year round, my preferred time of the year is during spring, to witness the amazing songbird spring migration. See below the photograph [...]

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