Siamese Cat Versus Eastern Garter Snake

Today, I witnessed a strange encounter – Kicia vs Garter snake. If you didn't read my previous post, Kicia is my neighbours’ blue-eyed Siamese cat. It all started in the morning.
While sipping a latte in the backyard, my attention is drawn to some unusual noise coming from last-year leaves still covering the ground between the [...]

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Turtles of Ontario: The Blandings’s Turtle

The Female Blandings’s Turtle
All too often, turtles are killed by vehicular traffic. This female Blandings’s Turtle was photographed in the middle of a rural road as she was returning from her nest. It was early in the morning during the first week of June when I arrived near the crossing point. She already had traversed [...]

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Garter Snake

I met this fellow during one of the walks through the Ontario forests. He froze in this position for at least 10 minutes allowing me to lay on the ground and start clicking the shutter away. He turned around and slowly backed away. I did the same. Thanks little fella.

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