Female Frustration

It seems that females frustration with insensitive males is everywhere around us. Even my wife is quick to confirm that it is a fact and entirely true. So, one hopes that driving to remote places will take one’s mind off such stereotyped assessments.
But then you happen to stumble upon a pair of tree swallows [...]

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The Eastern Bluebird

In our story we hope to gain a deeper appreciation of the Eastern Bluebirds through a scientific understanding of their lives. To closely observe these colourful birds, I set camp 20 feet away from the nest box and I wait patiently for the parents to get accustomed to my car, myself and my photographic gear. When [...]

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Housekeeping Duty – An Eastern Bluebird Fecal Sac Update

A year has passed from my visits to the Bluebird nests, and I'm on my way back to record fresh material about their nest cleaning parenting behaviour. As I set both camera and camcorder, the female is busy gathering insects and feeding the chicks. This brood is probably a second for this pair this year, [...]

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Great Blue Heron at Dawn

Spot the bird in the tree. Then see below the heron in more detail.

The Great Blue Heron at full photo magnification.

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Sandhill Cranes

A rare sight in Southern Ontario
Most likely they were resting on their way to northern Ontario.
Less likely for the Sandhill Cranes to have a nest somewhere in the vicinity.

Some interesting facts about the Sandhill Cranes:

Sandhill Cranes are thought to be the oldest surviving species of bird
These mysterious birds are very adaptable, intelligent and display complex [...]

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The Great Blue Heron – Intimate Encounters

Experience nature photography like you have never experienced before: What you need to know, have, and do, to achieve treasured photographs!
Bird photography is challenging. And for good reason. Unless you are dealing with tame birds used to human presence, getting close to wild birds within proper photographing range will be a challenge. Today, we are elaborating [...]

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Rendez-vous with the Sandhill Cranes in Ontario

My previous encounter with this pair was last year in April – see the initial story and photographs in Sandhill Cranes. Sandhill Cranes Pair In South Eastern Ontario Birds are creatures of habit. And these Sandhill Cranes are no exception to the rule:

Date habit – last year's photographs were made on April 9th. This [...]

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Royal Mute Swans in Ontario – The Mating Ritual

Royal Mute Swans in mating ritual – video frame captured with Canon XH-A1 – [See video below]
The cold and short days of winter are now replaced by the warmer and longer days of spring. And with springtime comes love. 'Tis the season of courtship and mating and when the nesting real estate is in high-demand. The [...]

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What Do Pulling Weights And Bird Photography Have In Common?

The attack was so swift and unexpected that it took me a whole second to understand what just happened. At the time, after handholding the 1Ds Mark II, the 500mm f4 IS lens, and the 2x extender for a good 35 minutes, my arms were inert and the muscles so overstrained that my reaction to [...]

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Bald Eagle – Portrait

Cool fact: The bald eagle can achieve speeds between 20 to 40 mph in normal flight and can dive at over 100 mph.
This frame was taken in a controlled situation. It seems the bird was slightly hurt at one of the wings.
They make very good subjects when picturing them in formal portraiture.

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