House Sparrow

Violence at the Bird Feeder

A photographic representation of the male house sparrow’s social rank and his aggressiveness towards females and youngsters.

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Last of “Feeding the sparrow chicks”

This frame concludes the feeding frenzy.The image below is in fact a sequence of three frames showing instances of the sparrow female feeding her chick.
You’d be glad to know that the chicks are doing very well and soon they will be on their own.I hope you’ve enjoyed the short series as much as I did.

See the first photographs [...]

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Feeding the sparrow chicks II

The second frame consists of a panorama of both chicks + mom, with the hungrier one anxiously flapping the wings getting the food.Not too worry, both of them got fed pretty well.

See the first photograph in this series:Feeding the sparrow chicks I
And the last of them:Feeding the sparrow chicks III

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Feeding the sparrow chicks I

This frame is the first from a series of three that shows a female house sparrow feeding her chicks. You can easily identify the chicks via their yellow beak.The chicks are very funny, to draw the attention of their parent they desperately flap their wings very fast and cry for more.
I suppose, when young, we [...]

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