Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron at Dawn

Spot the bird in the tree. Then see below the heron in more detail.

The Great Blue Heron at full photo magnification.

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The Great Blue Heron – Intimate Encounters

Experience nature photography like you have never experienced before: What you need to know, have, and do, to achieve treasured photographs!
Bird photography is challenging. And for good reason. Unless you are dealing with tame birds used to human presence, getting close to wild birds within proper photographing range will be a challenge. Today, we are elaborating [...]

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The Great Blue Heron Bonanza

Cha-ching! That's probably the feeling this Great Blue Heron got when he stroke gold. But before getting to the catch of the day, let’s explore his other winnings. As I take a break from photographing song bird activity during spring migration at Point Pelee, I stumble upon one hungry heron. One can easily find blue [...]

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