Sandhill Crane

Where to Photograph Sandhill Cranes? On Manitoulin Island!

MANITOULIN ISLAND, Ontario, Canada – An important migratory staging ground for birds. My preferred time to visit is during fall migration, anytime between mid-September to beginning of October, when you can easily observe hundreds of Sandhill Cranes. The cranes stop to feed and rest during the crossing of the Great Lakes, so they are relatively [...]

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Sandhill Cranes

A rare sight in Southern Ontario
Most likely they were resting on their way to northern Ontario.
Less likely for the Sandhill Cranes to have a nest somewhere in the vicinity.

Some interesting facts about the Sandhill Cranes:

Sandhill Cranes are thought to be the oldest surviving species of bird
These mysterious birds are very adaptable, intelligent and display complex [...]

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Rendez-vous with the Sandhill Cranes in Ontario

My previous encounter with this pair was last year in April – see the initial story and photographs in Sandhill Cranes. Sandhill Cranes Pair In South Eastern Ontario Birds are creatures of habit. And these Sandhill Cranes are no exception to the rule:

Date habit – last year's photographs were made on April 9th. This [...]

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