Where To Photograph Hummingbirds?

Among the large variety of species that concentrate in the Holiday Beach Conservation Area during fall migration, the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is probably the hardest to find and the most challenging to photograph, simply due to its size. Rubies are roughly 7cm in size. They are very tiny and fly with incredible speed – up to 65km/h! It’s a unique experience to witness them in flight, chasing each other at high speeds through the dense foliage of the trees. Read the full article.

Comparative display of Hummingbird's iridescent coloursThe Hummingbird displays different colours as light hits its feathers at different angle and intensity. Photographed at Point Pelee, ON.
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Chestnut-Sided Warbler in Long Point, OntarioLong Point provides the perfect birding location to observe and photograph the beautiful Chestnut-Sided Warbler.
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Lady Amherst Pheasant Feedback From Our Readers: Lady Amherst Pheasant
Dan pointed out that our identification of the Ring-Necked Pheasant, photographed and filmed in Point Pelee, is incorrect. Interestingly enough she is a female Lady Amherst Pheasant (we got the gender right). As our reader points out, this pheasant is not common in the wild. Pure Lady Amherst Pheasants are rare in the wild and are most likely to be found in aviaries. Scroll down the page to watch video of the Lady Amherst Pheasant!
Northern Lights Offroad Event Feedback From Our Readers: Is The "Golden Eagle" A Baldie?
A few readers pointed out that our identification of a Golden Eagle is incorrect. It is an immature Bald Eagle – read their comments and the clues they used to correctly identify the bird.
Bald Eagle’s Nictitating Membrane to Appear in Educational Programs and Booths by Wild Wings Environmental Education
"Mike, thank you so much for your photo showing the nictitating membrane of a raptors eye in the side-by-side images of the bald eagles. The clarity & detail captured in these images is amazing and will serve perfectly when describing to students the complexities of vision in these birds. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for more of your work that would support our organization" – Wild Wings Environmental Education.
Turkey Vulture Feeding on Carrion Photographs Used by Audubon Canyon Ranch
Mike's photographs of the hungry turkey vulture to appear in Audubon Canyon Ranch's educational materials for 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Read the full testimonial.
Royal Mute Swans in Mating Ritual Used by Ithaca College in the Endocrinology Class
Mike's photograph of the Royal Mute Swans in ritual mating to be used by Ithaca College in New York during the Endocrinology class and under the topic: hormonal signals that trigger seasonal breeding.
The Eastern Bluebird Photograph Featured by the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences
Mike's photograph of the beautiful "Eastern Bluebird" to appear on the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences educational website.
Mike's Moose Photographs Featured in the Fiordland Advocate, New Zealand
Two of our moose photographs from the Algonquin's Highway of Death story were used by the magazine to compare against a motion-activated camera photo of the elusive moose in the Fiordland bush. Moose or Red Deer? You be the judge, vote online at Fiordland Advocate.
The Eastern Bluebird Photograph To Feature In Afton State Park On Interpretive Panel
The "Eastern Bluebird With Insect" photograph to appear on an interpretive panel along a native Prairie Walk in Afton State Park, licensed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. "The bluebird story and images on your website are really great! Our prairie was restored from the site of a former farm homestead, Bluebird Hill, so you can see why we need the bluebird photo." Mary O.
Bluebird Photographs Featured In Neighbors Magazine
Two photographs from the Eastern Bluebird story were featured on the cover and inside of the Neighbors magazine published by Russell Publications. More details here.
Turkey Vulture Photo Used In School Assignment at Flemming College, Ontario
"Thank you very much for the use of your [Turkey Vulture Eating Carrion] photo. It was great for pointing out the key I.D. features. Oh, I also received 100 percent on my presentation. (bragging, sorry), but hey, I couldn't have done it without you!" Debbie C.
Sharp-Shinned Hawk Featured By The Toledo Naturalists Association
The Sharp-Shinned Hawk photograph in Fall Migration to feature in the Toledo Naturalists Association monthly newsletter.
Osprey Photo Close-up Becomes Logo for Finnish Organization
The Resident Osprey featured in the Fall Migration In Ontario: The Week After Update will be used in the Finnish Foundation for Environmental Education letterhead in Finland, Europe – "Your great picture will make us a great letterhead" Juha R.
Eastern Bluebird Photographs As Educational Materials For Eight and Third Graders
The Eastern Bluebird photographs will play a role in children's education in Mansfield Massachusetts – "I love your bluebird pictures and would like to use them with my students." Mary M. Qualters Middle School, Mansfield, MA.
Sharp-Shinned Hawk Photograph Featured In Bird Watching Article In The Netherlands, Europe

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